Heritage Store Castor Oil is one of the castor oil products available in Amazon.

It has received many customer reviews, making it clearly a preferred choice over other brands. This brand produces an organic castor oil of high quality and it has been tested to be free of solvents and chemicals which may be present in other types of castor oil. Plus, a certification has been made that the product is periodically tested by an independent laboratory, with results that show that the oil is found to be devoid of the most common pesticide residues to a detection level of 1 ppm.

The brand also holds high respect for Edgar Cayce, the proponent of the oil, whose studies and writings have revealed the tremendous health benefits the oil can give. This appreciation for Cayce’s work is demonstrated in the official website of the Heritage Store, where other products aside from castor oil is also available. The brand is associating the product to be used in the preparation of castor oil packs which can be applied in various areas of the body, most especially the abdomen, to bring about circulation of the blood and thus healing of many major body organs.

Positive Reviews for Heritage Store Castor Oil

There are many user reviews that exalt the effectiveness of castor oil for different purposes. Currently, castor oil from the Heritage Store is given the elusive rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This obviously shows how the product is working well for those who purchased it.

One user exclaims the benefits of the oil in treating dry skin. Another user also praises how the oil makes the skin soft and supple despite the relative thickness of the oil. Yet another user claims that the oil works well as a moisturizer when applied after a good shower. Other uses of the oil have been for the treatment of psoriasis, decreasing inflammation, and for pain relief. One user also tried applying the oil on eye bags to which the product worked wonderfully as well.

Critical Reviews

Among all the positive reviews about the oil, there is one user that rated the oil 1 out of 5 stars. Upon reading the review however, the Amazon user just went ahead to explain that he in fact has not tried the product and is only giving a review as a warning to another Amazon user who is providing spammy comments about the oil. Aside from this, there are no other comments that are rated at four stars or below, which means that either few or none are dissatisfied with the product.
It can be seen that this brand of oil is being rated at a solid 5 stars by most of its users. Although the number of consumers who rated the product is not too large in number, there may also be other users who are satisfied with the product but have not posted a review about it.

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  1. I am now 65 and had never looked up”Castor oil”. My mother used to force the kids including me to take this stuff. It was very hard to swallow. Our throats often would lock up and not permit the oil to go down. Naturally our mother had to threaten us with spankings.

    Sitting in my chair Castor Oil sprang up into my mind and since this is the computer age, looked it up to see what Castor oil is.

    I remember later on in time Castor oil for medical or medicinal purposes was given a sweetened taste and easier to swallow, but back in the day, natural Castor Oil was something to run away from.

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