Making a castor oil pack is a good way of benefitting from the numerous castor oil remedies.

A pack made of castor oil is helpful in treating a wide array of illnesses, such as liver disorders, muscle pains, intense pains caused by arthritis, stomach problems, and many more. It simply consists of a piece of flannel cloth soaked in a basin of castor oil. Flannel or wool is commonly used as this kind of fabric can easily absorb the thick, heavy liquid of castor oil.

Castor oil is a popular organic solution …

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A lot of those who are beginning to recognize the benefits of castor oil to the body are now asking, “where to buy castor oil?”

Since this is not a usual ingredient on the shopping list, at first it can be perplexing to think whether castor oil would be displayed in large groceries, or if they are found in local health stores. Castor oil is used for different purposes, and there are several stores who sell them depending on how it is used. Castor oil can be useful for the hair, …

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Edgar Cayce has been dubbed as “the sleeping prophet” and as the “father of holistic medicine”.

Edgar Cayne got these nicknames because of his rare ability to be able to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medical treatments while in an unconscious state. He is probably one of the most documented psychics in the 20th century.

During his younger years, Edgar Cayce was reported to have been able to see and talk to his grandfather who had passed away. He was also said to have the capacity to speak to spirits and he had …

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Castor oil has been widely used as a laxative agent, treating constipation and other bowel ailments.

Lately, castor oil has been acclaimed for its ability to treat various disorders within different areas of the body.

But just like any other substance, castor oil does have its shortcomings. Castor oil side effects are not limited to only a few, and some may be life threatening if castor oil is taken in the wrong dosages.

Castor Oil Side Effects: What May Go Wrong

When castor oil is taken in large dosages, or in amounts that a …

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If you’re having trouble with your bowel movement, try using a castor oil laxative, an age-old solution to constipation.

Derived from the castor bean plant originally found in East Africa, pure castor oil has been used since ancient times to loosen the stool and remove waste products in the intestines and colon. As a matter of fact, it is still commonly used at present as a temporary relief, despite the advent of modern medicine.

Castor oil is saturated with fatty acids, making it rich in moisture. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory …

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