Review: Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of the leading brands of castor oil for the hair.

For over 17 years, the brand has been specializing in making natural skin, hair and body care products from Jamaica, the Caribbean and Africa. The most unique thing about their products is that they are not mass produced, rather, they are made the traditional way – by hand processing. This is done because it preserves the natural magnetism of their products in homage to their ancestors and elders who have passed on the knowledge.

The natural way of processing the Jamaican black castor oil indeed marks the authenticity of the product. The black oil can only be produced by roasting and grinding it by hand, and chemical or other types of mechanical manufacturing reduce the ash content of the oil which is said to be the reason why it is potent. The black castor oil is a powerful hair conditioner and treatment, but it has also been traditionally used as a laxative, detoxifier, massage oil, and treatment for skin disease.

Although the natural way of producing the oil marks the strength and potency of the oil, it is also important to know whether or not the product has proven to be effective among its users. This can be established by sifting through consumer reviews and what they have to say about the product.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Positive Reviews

The product is currently being sold in Amazon, and so far 26 consumers have rated and commented on the brand. It has received a 4 star rating, with 5 being the highest. One user expressed that she bought 2 bottles of the oil, and within the month the castor oil has made her hair grow soft and easily manageable. She also appreciates the smell of the oil since the scent is reminiscent to that of coffee beans.

Another user claimed that the oil allowed her hair to re-grow quickly. She claims that the hair in her temples was ripped out because of tight corn rows. In the same situation, her hair would usually take two months to grow. However, with diligent application of the oil about three times in a week, her hair had grown within the span of two weeks.

Other users claim that the oil helped to repair damaged and dry hair, and it also effectively moisturized the hair shaft.

The Critical Reviews

Critical reviews were from users who claimed that the oil did little to help with bald spots. One user said she diligently applied the oil for 30 days but yet there was no improvement. Another user thought the oil was thick and difficult to apply on the hair.

Although there are some critical reviews that say the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil did little to improve their condition, there was none that mentioned a worsening of hair. Also, the number of good praises for the oil outweighs the critical ones, which gives us a good idea that the oil might not be for everyone, but it does work well for most people.

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