Edgar Cayce has been dubbed as “the sleeping prophet” and as the “father of holistic medicine”.

Edgar Cayne got these nicknames because of his rare ability to be able to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medical treatments while in an unconscious state. He is probably one of the most documented psychics in the 20th century.

During his younger years, Edgar Cayce was reported to have been able to see and talk to his grandfather who had passed away. He was also said to have the capacity to speak to spirits and he had this strange ability to memorize pages of a book by just sleeping on it. Later on in life, Cayce realized that he had an ability to put himself in a deep state of relaxation and meditation, making himself one with the super conscious, the universe, or what was deemed as the infinite wisdom.

Cayce then developed thousands of readings spread over 10,000 different topics, seeking to answer questions in relation to health and wellness, reincarnation and philosophy, dreams and dream interpretation, meditation, psychic phenomena and prayer.

Cayce’s Relationship to Castor Oil

Edgar Cayce was particularly passionate about health and contributing towards the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Some of his most popular readings revolve around the concept of the “Palma Christi”, also known as castor oil. It was Edgar Cayce who conceptualized the use of castor oil packs as a way to potentially heal bodily disorders.

Upon meditation and channeling the super conscious mind, Edgar Cayce stated that his autonomic nervous system was vitally active during this stage. It is the super conscious mind that would seemingly direct us to the haunting knowledge of what it wrong with our bodies. It is not a simple feat to just reach out to this part of our mind to gain and understand the knowledge that we would like to have. This is where castor oil packs came into play.

His readings mentioned that castor oil packs seemingly had a relationship with the autonomic nervous system as well as most other parts of the body. This had a role of bringing the body back to vitality and health. Cayce also cautioned that in order castor oil to take effect, and for healing to occur, one would have to go spiritual and psychological transformation. Although this might be difficult to believe at first, many of his teachings coincide with popular schools of thought such as “The Law of Attraction”, popularized now as “The Secret”.

Edgar Cayce’s methods are seemingly unorthodox, but also effective for the people who had “a castor oil consciousness”. For Cayce, in order for castor oil packs to work, there had to be a harmony, balance, and relaxation of the entire system.

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  1. felicity says:

    is mr cayce alive today? If so, can he be contacted and if not does he have successor?

    • Jennie says:

      Mr. Cayce died in 1945. Today one could not give medical remedies unless licensed as a physician in the US due to established laws. Mr. Cayce was incredible. There are many books written about him and his abilities, including ‘There is a River’ by Thomas Sugrue, who knew Mr. Cayce. Edgar Cayce’s place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Association for Research & Enlightenment houses all his readings, over 14,000. He’s the most documented of psychics. I would suggest you investigate him and his ability a bit further. You won’t be disappointed.

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