Home health castor oil is a product that is cold pressed and cold processed, giving out a pure emollient oil.

Castor oil naturally penetrates the surface layers of the skin, helping to make the skin softer and suppler. The oil is also great to use for castor oil packs, which is simply a piece of cotton or wool flannel dipped in oil and wrapped in plastic. This pack is heated and is applied over certain body areas such as the abdomen or limbs to promote effective circulation.

One of the good things about this brand is that the oil is both hexane free and paraben free. These are preservatives that although increase the shelf life of the oil, they are also considered to be chemicals that can be harmful when applied to the body especially when it seeps into the skin. Despite castor oil being consistently used for internal purposes, the product comes with a warning that it should not be ingested or used on broken skin or rashes.

Positive Reviews For Home Health Castor Oil

Compared to other brands of castor oil, Home Health has only received eight user comments in Amazon. However, despite this relatively low number, the brand has still managed to get a 4.5 star rating as an average of all who placed their comments. This consisted of seven 5 star ratings, and only one 1 star rating.
One of the users claimed that the oil has been helping wonderfully for a case of bad joints. She is even using it everyday as a lotion. Another is using the oil to smoothen out skin and as an external eye treatment to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Today she feels that her eyes do feel smoother, less puffy, and the dark circles have faded.

Finally, one of the most curious reviews comes from a person who neither used the oil internally or externally in her body. Rather, a concoction of castor oil, dish detergent and water was sprayed all over her yard to prevent moles from staying in her yard and moving to another area. Indeed castor oil is very versatile in its uses.

Critical Reviews

One critical review from a user was not about the effectiveness of the product. Rather, it was on delay in shipment. Although she did not mention what is the time frame for the company to deliver the goods, she complains that she does not understand what the company has to prep the product for since it just comes in a bottle. She is excited to use the product for her dry skin, but the waiting time is getting too long.

The positive reviews are mixed on how they use the product, but whatever the reason may be, the Home Health Castor Oil seems to work just fine. However, there could possibly be some issues in shipping, and if the consumer is not in a hurry to use the oil, then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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