Many people attest to the effectiveness of castor oil for constipation, as even history would show.

As early as ancient times, this natural, organic solution has already been used as a laxative to cure irregular bowel movement and other intestinal problems. Nowadays, doctors still give their approval when one chooses to use castor oil for temporary stomach relief.

Castor oil, a pale yellow liquid with a mild odor, originated from the castor bean plant, a plant initially discovered in East Africa. However, this plant has also been found to grow in many tropical countries at present. The castor bean plant is rich in fatty acids, which makes castor oil a natural emollient. This moisture is essential when using castor oil for constipation.

How to Use Castor Oil for Constipation

The effectiveness of castor oil for constipation is mainly shown through its ability to stimulate the small and large intestines to excrete waste products. It also cleanses the colon off fecal matter. Moreover, castor oil does not absorb the moisture from the intestinal walls, thus allowing for a smooth passage of the bowels. Castor oil is very effective as a laxative because it not only removes the waste product in the large intestine, but also in the small intestine. Therefore, expect no bowel movement for at least two days.

The uses of castor oil certainly outweigh the low cost and availability of this product. You can buy a small bottle from the grocery at a cheap price and this small bottle will last you for over a year on the average. Moreover, when you use castor oil for constipation, you are guaranteed results fast, because it takes effect after 4-5 hours from ingestion.

Castor Oil’s Limitations as a Laxative

Generally, organic castor oil can be used by children and adults alike as a laxative. However, the safest recourse would be to treat this natural remedy only as a temporary solution or as a medicinal supplement. You can use this first before resorting to medicine. At most, use castor oil only for 4-5 days. If symptoms persist after this period, better consult expert opinion on the matter. Do not continue using castor oil if you experience side effects such as cramps or nausea.

Moreover, take in only a small amount of pure castor oil, since too much of this can lead to an overdose which will cause diarrhea. If you are pregnant or suffering from appendicitis, bloating or even simple abdominal pain, then do not use castor oil. It is also important for you to verify first if your stomach problem is really constipation and not something else. For all you know, the symptom could be for a more serious illness. Before you use castor oil, consult a doctor first. If the diagnosis is simple constipation and he gives the go-signal to opt for castor oil instead of buying a commercial medicinal cure, then that’s when you avail of castor oil remedies. This way, you still save money from buying medicine without endangering your health.

For a relatively safe cure, castor oil is the ideal solution for treating constipation. Use it as a laxative or as a means to cleanse your intestinal walls without emptying your wallet. Say goodbye to troubles in bowel movement with this affordable, result-oriented organic remedy.

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