Practicing castor oil therapy may indeed lessen the need to habitually visit the doctor for the slightest health problems.

Castor oil is a rich, amber substance that is produced by the tropical castor bean plant, scientifically known as Ricinus Communis. This thick liquid is rich in fatty acids, thereby making it a natural emollient perfect for moisturizing. Pure castor oil also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties which make it good for cleansing, healing, and removing scars. Because of these qualities, a castor oil therapy is a good home health procedure in solving minor health issues.

However, you might still ask, “But what is castor oil used for?” As many beauty products would show, the many beneficial properties of organic castor oil make it a staple ingredient for lipsticks, moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, eye gels, and many more. Castor oil is even used as a laxative or as a muscle pain reliever.

The Many Forms of Castor Oil Therapy

Castor oil offers a three-step solution to various skin problems like acne, wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars, stretch marks, and dark spots. First, it penetrates the skin and removes all the dirt clogging the pores. However, castor oil cleans without leaving the skin dry and flaky. Because castor oil is a natural emollient, it hydrates the skin even as it cleanses it. Lastly, the anti-inflammatory quality will prevent scars from appearing after the pimples have been removed. It also lessens the visibility of scars already incurred in the past. Thus, using castor oil for acne and other skin problems will result in flawless skin.

Another form of castor oil therapy is by using castor oil for hair loss. The moisture penetrates the scalp and gives a protective coating to the hair from roots to tips. Meanwhile, the anti-bacterial qualities of castor oil will cleanse the scalp thoroughly, thereby preventing dandruff and other scalp infections from occurring. Clean and hydrated hair will not only prevent hair from falling, but will also stimulate more hair to grow. Usually, castor oil therapy for the hair comes in the form of applying castor oil to the scalp and the mane as a monthly hot oil treatment.

Pure castor oil is also an effective laxative for curing constipation. A small amount is usually taken in like any medicine or beverage. Castor oil removes waste matter from the small and large intestines and the colon by loosening the bowel. The moisture it provides helps in the smoother passage of the waste matter through the excretory system.

Because castor oil is a strong laxative, it is even sometimes used by pregnant women to help induce labor. Pure castor oil is mixed with another type of juice to make what is commonly known as a “midwife cocktail,” a drink that cleans the uterus, thereby stimulating labor easily.

What is a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor oil therapy can also take the form of a castor oil pack in order to relieve muscle strain, menstrual cramps, pain caused by arthritis or rheumatism, and to increase blood circulation. A castor oil pack can be done by using a 12×12 folded flannel cloth and soaking it in castor oil. Afterwards, wrap the cloth in plastic and place it on the affected area. Put a bottle of hot water on top of the plastic wrapping. The heat will help relieve the body pain.

Whether used as a beauty product, a drink, or a pack, castor oil dispenses with the need to constantly seek medical help for the cure of slight injuries or minor illnesses. As long as you are sure of the illness that you are suffering from, you may use any of the various forms of an effective castor oil therapy, a guaranteed all-natural solution for a healthier and longer life.

Thank you for reading Castor Oil Therapy – The Therapeutic Effect.

12 Responses to “Castor Oil Therapy – The Therapeutic Effect”

  1. mary mc cann says:

    The articles i have read here was of great value to me. I have been using castor oil for just a year and I have had success with it. The improvement has been noticed by many people. I have used it successfully on brown marks on the backs of my hands, and other things. I have today ordered castor oil capsules and I hope they are as pure as the bottled castor oil I have been using. Thank you for all this good information.

    mary mc cann

    • Kate Peterson says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for the kind words, I’m happy to hear that castor oil has helped you.

      Kind regards

  2. rehma. says:

    I thank you for this information. How can castor oil be beneficial to a sickle cell patient? thank you.

    • Kate Peterson says:

      Hi Rehma,

      I was not able to find anything about the benefits of castor oil with regards to sickel cell disease. I might look into this in the near future.

      Good luck and thank you for stopping by.

      Kind regards

  3. Zahra says:

    This website is so interesting. When I was a child my mum used to give us castor oil orally for cleansing the inside as back in India & Africa were it gets used a lot. I hated the taste though!!!

    My question is do you know if would help my skin condition which is called Rosacea? It would be great help if would reduce the redness which always looks as if I’m blushing ):

    Great work in sharing this info with all.

    • Kate Peterson says:

      Hi Zahra,

      Thank you for your kind words, now I’m the one blushing :)

      I’ll look into your request and see what I can find.

      Kind regards

  4. sharon says:

    I was given some advice from a lady at my pet store that I should use this on my dog. He has had some terrible allergic reaction to his food and he has broken out in a rash everywhere. This has spread to his ear causing him to scratch his ear so much he has torn it up. She said it would help fix the wounds so I could identify if there is more of a problem still. Is it safe for a dog’s skin?

    • Kate Peterson says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I do not have any experience with regards to using castor oil on dogs, however, if I am willing to use it on myself, I would assume that it would be okay to use on a dog also.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regards

    • anna says:

      hi Sharon
      I just read about your dog having an allergic reaction to his food.
      I wanted to tell you that what good meaning people feed their dogs
      is really very bad for them. No dog should have to eat kibble or
      canned food for that matter. They really need a raw food diet
      that is about 95% raw muscle meat, organ meat, and ground bones
      with about %5 veggies, and no grains. Dogs do not hunt for grain in the wild. They hunt for meat. Now a days you can find this kind of food
      in specialty pet stores or you can make it yourself> Read a book
      called BARF by Dr Billinghurst. When I switched my dog to this
      type of diet, her allergies cleared up. Good luck with this.

  5. Zahra says:

    Hello Kate, I wrote to you above on 1/7/11.
    I just wanted to share with you that I did go ahead and try castrol oil mixed with olive oil to my Rosacea skin twice so far in the last month and it has made a big difference! I stopped taking the antibiotics tablets and can’t believe how much better it looks and this with only have applied twice! The little red pimples have nearly gone and the complexion looks more smooth. I feel ever so happy that I came across your site as it has made such a big difference and all with natural products. So a BIG THANK YOU to you :)

  6. Alina says:

    I’ve been using castor mix with vitamin E and almond oil on my skin since last 2 months, my skin in clearer, no open pores, my acne scars are 60% gone. and my lashes are long n thicker.i wash my face and apply oil on my face n gently massage for 5mins every night before sleeping.
    Apart from that i have mixed one part castor oil in one part mix oils ( olive oil, virgin coconut oil,almond oil) and applying on my hair over night before every wash. i have amazing results.

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