Every gardener hates a lawn full of moles. Fortunately, castor oil granules are one way that may help you get rid of these nasty animals that ruin your soil.

Granular castor oil, which comes from the castor oil plant, is a popular repellent for controlling moles and even gophers that dwell in your garden.

Castor oil granules are all-natural products. They generally contain castor oil, corncob granules and soap, which are all considered organic, biodegradable and safe for you and your family. Castor oil in granular form is not 100 percent effective but it is quite successful in keeping the moles away.

Learn How Castor Oil Granules Work for Your Garden

Castor oil granules do not actually harm the moles, which eat grubs and earthworms.

They actually act as an irritant to the moles, driving them away from the treated part of your lawn.

Typically, they are spread over the affected area of your yard and are either watered manually or naturally with the help of the rain. Once the granules are wet, they start to dissolve and give off a repelling scent that wards off both moles and gophers, which feed on plants. Within hours, you will observe that these insectivores are moving away from the area where granules of castor oil are spread. Based on an article at Specialclay.com, a castor oil repellent’s effect lasts for one to three months as reported by a study at Michigan State University.

Granular Castor Oil Is Effective Only with Proper Application

Getting even coverage is very important to ensure the effectiveness of this granular product. Castor oil granules need to be applied squarely across the entire area.

Some gardeners suggest using the following techniques to make sure that castor oil granules are distributed equally across the grass:

  • Laying out the granules lightly but evenly by hand
  • Using a hand-held spreader and set its application rate to the lowest level
  • Utilizing a conventional broadcast spreader, which is set to the lowest application rate

Try to Use Castor Oil in Granular Form

Granular castor oil is just one of the methods to rid burrowing moles off your garden. Other methods that are available include trapping, flooding, and poisoning.

But if you want to use this castor oil to remove these nuisances in your garden, buy castor oil granules to see if it would really work. Just make sure you apply them properly across your soil to produce effective results.

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  1. eastlandgrl says:

    interesting, thanks

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah, tried this for a while and saw no visible difference. ALso tried the spray on version and nothing. Just another waste of money.
    I have not found any real studies proving the effectiveness.

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