Castor oil acne treatment is something that most people are starting to consider because of how well it works and the fact that it is cheaper than most acne treatments available in the market.

Castor oil is rich in a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid which is effective in killing microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi that causes infection on the face. Aside from eliminating harmful bacteria, the oil is also a natural emollient that can effectively trap moisture within the skin, reduce dehydration of the epidermis and keep the skin looking fresh and glowing. Finally, the oil is also rich in antioxidants that help prevent premature skin aging.

How To Use Castor Oil Acne Treatment

Using castor oil to treat acne does not just involve smearing the oil onto the face. It is best to start by boiling a large pot of water and set it on a stable countertop or table where the water won’t tip over. Then, place a towel over the head and allow the steam from the water to hit the face. This steaming process will allow the pores to open and will make the castor oil acne therapy be more effective.

Once this is done, rub the face with a clean and preferably sterilized washcloth to remove any excess dirt. Place a small amount of the castor oil onto the cloth. Rub the oil all over the face using the cloth, while doing it in a circular motion. Make sure to include all areas of the face, and apply more oil on problematic regions.

After the oil has been applied on the face, wash it with warm water and make sure that all the oil has been removed. Then, splash the face with cold water to allow the pores to close up. This last step is crucial because opening the pores during nighttime or at the day will cause them to clog. Dry the face using a clean towel and apply more of the castor oil treatment on the face and allow it to stay overnight. Upon waking up, wash off the oil using a cleansing scrub and apply a moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying.

Although using castor oil for acne may seem like a bit of a process, it works very well and it is also considerably cheap. The treatment should be applied every night to get rid of acne and prevent it from coming back.

Castor Oil Acne Precaution

Should the acne condition worsen for any reason, it is important to stop the castor oil treatment immediately and visit a dermatologist. In most cases, the treatment works well and for those who have extra sensitive skin, it may be practical to try out the castor oil in certain areas of the face first and observing the possible reactions.

There are some commercially prepared castor oil acne cosmetics however, some people prefer to use the pure and natural castor oil because of the potency of the oil and the fact that no chemicals and preservatives have been added to it. This makes it an organic acne treatment that may be just as effective as other dermatologist products.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Castor Oil is amazing! I have cystic acne, which is almost impossible to successfully treat. As an adult, it has been very devastating to my mental well being. I was on Tetracycline for over 2 years and was tired of feeling terrible. It was starting to not work as well. I was scheduled to go on Accutane as the last resort, so I gave myself a couple of months in between to give my body a break from all the horrible side effects of Tetracycline. I started using the Castor Oil treatment the day after I took my last pill and I am astonished at how well it works!! Within 1 week my cysts were completely gone, no more pain, no more headless pimples, no more imflamation! I use it slightly differently than most suggest (every single day rain or shine) and it truly does work. It is also helping to flatten and heal my existing scars, which is great! I recommend EVERYONE with skin issues to use Castor Oil!!!

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