Does your back hurt a lot? Well, here’s good news: castor oil, a bean plant extract, provides relief for sciatica – a very painful and common condition that comes with your back pain.

Sciatic nerve, the longest nerve that runs from your lower back, to the buttock and down to the lower limb (thigh, calf and foot), is where sciatica strikes and makes it excruciating and debilitating for you to move.

Castor oil is an herbal treatment to the pain in your sciatic nerve. Almost all of its fatty acid content is made up of ricinoleic acid, which triggers anti-inflammatory effects. This oil from castor oil plant naturally reduces the inflammation of sciatica, which is often due to a displaced joint or a slipped disc. Carrying heavy objects, having poor posture, or experiencing pressure from a tumor may contribute as to why a person suffers from this condition.

Sciatica Symptoms

You will know that you suffer from sciatic nerve pain if you encounter the following:

  • Lower back pains
  • Mild to intense soreness in your buttock and lower limbs
  • Numbness in the said areas
  • A wrenching feeling of pins and needles stabbing your sciatic nerve
  • Pain may affect one side of the body and may radiate to other parts
  • Difficulty sitting down and sleeping

Anyone who has experienced these things knows how weakening this affliction can be. Thankfully, there is castor oil, which helps alleviate sciatica pain symptoms.

Castor Oil & Sciatica Nerve Pain Treatment

Castor oil’s medical uses range far and wide. These include being known as a good home remedy for sciatica. In fact, alternative health practitioners say that frequent application of castor oil to the affected area will provide good relief.

To lessen the pain of sciatica, a castor oil compress (hot) can do the trick. The step-by-step treatment procedure includes:

  1. Applying a small amount of castor oil to piece of cotton cloth.
  2. Placing the compress against the lower back.
  3. Covering the area with a heating pad for 20 minutes.
  4. Repeating the said procedure every two hours.

Aside from a compress, another way to treat sciatica is to regularly apply castor oil directly to the affected side. Make sure only that the oil is lukewarm prior to application.

A Reminder on the Use of Castor Oil

Of course, using castor oil is just one of the many ways that can help treat sciatica and ease your back pain. Combining the oil with a good diet, daily exercise, and enough sleep will produce more effective results.

However, should you feel that your back pain is worsening, consult your doctor to prescribe a better treatment for you.

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