Making a castor oil pack is a good way of benefitting from the numerous castor oil remedies.

A pack made of castor oil is helpful in treating a wide array of illnesses, such as liver disorders, muscle pains, intense pains caused by arthritis, stomach problems, and many more. It simply consists of a piece of flannel cloth soaked in a basin of castor oil. Flannel or wool is commonly used as this kind of fabric can easily absorb the thick, heavy liquid of castor oil.

Castor oil is a popular organic solution derived from the castor bean plant originally found in East Africa. Pure castor oil is amber and very thick. One bottle of this organic solution can be used many times and for several different minor health problems. It can be used to treat constipation, acne, hair loss, and skin irritation. Since castor oil contains a high amount of hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties, it is also an effective reliever for aches and pains.

How is a Castor Oil Pack Made?

The use of castor oil packs was discovered by the psychic, Edgar Cayce, the main proponent of this natural home health practice. A castor oil pack is made by soaking the flannel cloth in castor oil. To prepare one, get a piece of cloth and fold it in three layers. Next, soak it in the basin full of castor oil. Make sure that the oil is not dripping from the cloth. Afterwards, wrap the cloth in plastic then place the cloth on top of the affected area. Put a bottle of hot water on top of the plastic-wrapped cloth so as to provide heat. Leave it on the affected area for an hour at most.

Castor Oil Pack Benefits

A pack made of castor oil is a proven remedy to ease muscle pain, stomach pain, inflamed nerves, and even increase blood circulation. Thus, it can be used by people who are simply stressed out and suffering from back pains. It can even be used by women suffering from menstrual cramps since a castor oil pack eases the muscles involved in dysmenorrhoea. Furthermore, for those who are suffering from chronic itching, sunburn, and even stretch marks, putting a castor oil pack on the affected area will help improve the condition and spur the development of smoother skin. Just remember not to place it on broken skin.
Organic castor oil does not produce any side effect when externally applied and used in moderation. More precaution is required if you plan to drink castor oil. It is advisable to consult the doctor before pushing through with this plan. Moreover, menstruating, lactating, and even pregnant women are advised not to use this type of pain reliving pack.

Using a castor oil as a pack is one way of applying the many uses for castor oil. This organic, natural remedy is best used when one is simply suffering from minor pains that do not require the examination or diagnosis of a medical professional. However, one can also use it for treating other diseases like a stomach ache, menstrual cramps, and even liver problems. If anything, this shows that a castor oil pack is a certified natural remedy that is versatile enough to cater to your needs for healthy living.

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