Natural castor oil has been used externally for various medical uses such as a castor oil laxative or in lymph treatment and hair growth.

Internally, it is used mainly for two purposes: to act as a laxative for relief of constipation; and to induce labor in pregnant women.

But you may be asking yourself, “How much castor oil should I take orally?” Just to be sure, how much castor oil is considered safe for you?

Castor oil has a nauseating taste and scent, which makes it quite a struggle for you to ingest it. By mixing it with another ingredient like root beer or juice, its flavor can be masked to make the oil easier to drink. Once it is consumed, you will be able to experience the benefits of castor oil, which is known for its many healing abilities.

Determine How Much Castor Oil Is Right for You

Exercise caution, however, when taking castor oils. Make sure you only consume enough as drinking too much of it will result to castor oil overdose or poisoning, which may cause more serious health complications. That’s why, for your safety, you should only take the oil in sufficient doses.

The right dosage of castor oil you need depends on the medical condition you are seeking treatment for, your weight and your age. Refer to your bottle of castor oil for a dosage chart.

Required Dosage of Castor Oil Laxatives

Castor oil laxative (laxatives) are generally taken orally one to two times daily unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. If you’re directed to take one dose a day, take it during bedtime.

When used as a laxative, castor oil should only be used for a few days. It shouldn’t be used for more than a week because it might disrupt the normal functioning of your digestive system and the elimination of your bowels. Do not let your body become overly accustomed to it to help your body restore its natural digestion and bowel movement.

Recommended Amount of Castor Oil for Labor Induction

According to an article at, the recommended dosage of castor oil for inducing labor is between 1 tbs. to 4 oz.  But this range is highly dependent on the recommendation of your doctor or midwife. Castor oil is sometimes given in one dose or in repeated doses based on how slow or fast its labor-inducing effects to the mother.

Always Take Castor Oil in Accurate Doses for Your Safety

Note that it’s important to know first how much castor oil you should take for your specific condition before you gulp it down into your system. Seeking the guidance of a health professional who can recommend the right dosage for you will guarantee your wellness and protection from overdose.

If you experience any side effects like chest pain, skin rashes, or breathing problems, check with your doctor right away.

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    The Russian Popular Medicine recommends the dosage of Castor Oil in the following manner: one kilogramm of the weight of the human body corresponds to one milliliter Castor Oil; e. g.: 60 kg –> 60 ml (= 2 oz).

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