Now Foods Castor Oil is one of the best selling brands of castor oil in

This brand gives 100% pure castor oil that is pressed from the seed of Ricinus communis and is almost odorless and tasteless. Castor oil itself has been praised for the many benefits that it can offer to the body, starting off with its ability to promote elimination of the bowels, treating unwanted constipation. The oil has since then been known for its ability to improve the condition of both the skin and hair.

The castor oil …

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Heritage Store Castor Oil is one of the castor oil products available in Amazon.

It has received many customer reviews, making it clearly a preferred choice over other brands. This brand produces an organic castor oil of high quality and it has been tested to be free of solvents and chemicals which may be present in other types of castor oil. Plus, a certification has been made that the product is periodically tested by an independent laboratory, with results that show that the oil is found to be devoid of the …

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Home health castor oil is a product that is cold pressed and cold processed, giving out a pure emollient oil.

Castor oil naturally penetrates the surface layers of the skin, helping to make the skin softer and suppler. The oil is also great to use for castor oil packs, which is simply a piece of cotton or wool flannel dipped in oil and wrapped in plastic. This pack is heated and is applied over certain body areas such as the abdomen or limbs to promote effective circulation.

One of the good things …

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Review: Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a brand of castor oil that boasts of being one of the best sources of 100% pure, dark brown and organic oil.

The brand claims to have the best quality of castor oil since it is processed the traditional way. Compared to other brands, Sunny Isle roasts their beans longer, producing more ash content which is said to increase the potency of the oil.

This type of castor oil is most specifically indicated for the improvement of the condition of hair by allowing it …

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Review: Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is one of the leading brands of castor oil for the hair.

For over 17 years, the brand has been specializing in making natural skin, hair and body care products from Jamaica, the Caribbean and Africa. The most unique thing about their products is that they are not mass produced, rather, they are made the traditional way – by hand processing. This is done because it preserves the natural magnetism of their products in homage to their ancestors and elders who have passed …

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