For many years, castor oil induction has been considered a useful strategy to start labor.

Castor oil, the oil that comes from the castor bean plant, has been used as a natural remedy to help a pregnant woman give birth to her child.

The process of castor oil to induce labor involves certain methods. It involves preparing the oil and giving time for it to take effect on the mother.

Prepare Castor Oil Before It Is Used to Induce Labor

Castor oil labor induction entails disguising the flavor and aroma of this natural oil. Because it is characterized with a very nauseating and repulsive taste, castor oil has to be prepared well before it is used to induce labor.

There are a number of methods or recipes in making castor oil more tolerable and pleasant to drink. Midwives and other practitioners commonly recommend using certain recipes, some of which include:

  • Combining castor oil with root beer and ice cream
  • Making a smoothie by mixing crushed ice, juice and castor oil
  • Mixing and scrambling it with eggs
  • Adding baking soda or vodka
  • Drinking a shot of castor oil then washing it down with a hot cup of tea or hot apple juice

The recommended dosage of castor oil varies. It can be between 2 to 4 ounces. Repeated doses may also be needed. Your midwife or doctor can help you determine the dosage that’s appropriate for you.

How Long After Taking Castor Oil Should Labor Start?

Some mothers claim that after taking castor oil during pregnancy, they already experienced its effects within an hour or two. They felt some stirring inside their intestines, started having contractions and delivered the baby within a few hours of castor oil labor induction. There are also reports that the oil’s effect is only felt in a period of two to six hours.

Other women, meanwhile, say that they did not feel the same immediate effect. A single dose of castor oil was not enough for them to start labor right away. Sometimes, labor induction may take days before labor kicks in.

Castor oil generally causes the mother to experience diarrhea before having contractions, which may later on progress to complete labor.

But it is not easy to ascertain how long it really takes for castor oil to induce labor. Very few studies cite some evidence that drinking castor oil may start labor in the first 24 hours but its safety remains questionable until further research is done.

Considering Castor Oil? Talk with Your Doctor First

We hope the information we have provided here has shed light on castor oil labor induction. If you or someone you know is giving birth soon and would want to consider this labor inducing oil, it is always wise to consult it with your midwife or doctor to make sure your health and safety come first.

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