If you’re having trouble with your bowel movement, try using a castor oil laxative, an age-old solution to constipation.

Derived from the castor bean plant originally found in East Africa, pure castor oil has been used since ancient times to loosen the stool and remove waste products in the intestines and colon. As a matter of fact, it is still commonly used at present as a temporary relief, despite the advent of modern medicine.

Castor oil is saturated with fatty acids, making it rich in moisture. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of these attributes, castor oil has been commonly used to make beauty products. Castor oil is also a highly effective solution to induce labor, promote hair growth, and cure Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, and many others.

Castor Oil Laxative: How Effective Is It?

Just like drinking prune juice or eating food high in fiber, drinking a castor oil laxative to induce bowel movement is pretty strong and effective. Castor oil removes all the waste material found in the small intestine, large intestine and in the colon. It does not absorb the moisture, so castor oil even facilitates the smooth passage of the fecal matter. Using castor oil for constipation loosens the stool and gets rid of waste matter at the same time.

Moreover, one can feel the results just a couple of hours after drinking the solution. The immediate effects, however, are thorough and comprehensive. After using castor oil, defecation will not occur until after two to three days.

Too Good to be True: Castor Oil Side Effects

Since castor oil is a highly potent and effective solution, drink it only in small doses. One of the few castor oil side effects is poisoning resulting from too much intake of the thick, yellowish liquid. The lesser evil is diarrhea. Thus, it is important to take in just the right amount.

The safest thing to do is to consult a doctor and ask permission if you could use castor oil to stimulate the bowels instead of buying medicine from the drugstore, which is definitely more expensive than this organic solution. Consulting a doctor is also better than taking in castor oil without making sure that you are really suffering from constipation. Otherwise, this could lead to complications in the future.

However, if you are sure that you are suffering from constipation, expect a castor oil laxative to remove constipation without straining your budget. Organic castor oil is widely available in groceries at a cheap price. One bottle will last you for a long time.

Try using a castor oil laxative to ease your stomach problems. First, it is a highly effective laxative that cleanses the colon and intestines thoroughly. Second, it is convenient to use and easy on the budget. For normal metabolism and a healthier you, use castor oil, a remedy given by Mother Nature herself.

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  1. Ricini says:

    May I make a note of addition: In many contributions upon the laxative effects of Castor Oil you will read that Castor Oil is a powerful laxative. This is wrong!

    The laxative effects in swallowing an adequate dose of Castor Oil depend exclusively of the amount and the concentration of the toxins deliberated in the liver:
    - In the case of a human body without any toxins in the liver moving the bowels by swallowing Castor Oil will be harmless and the evacuations will end in a short time.
    - In the case of a human body filled with toxins in the liver moving the bowels by swallowing the equal dose of Castor Oil will be really harmfull with cramps lasting on for hours.

  2. Ricini says:

    From my point of view this article is an important supplement:

  3. Ricini says:

    Early in the morning, not having breakfasted, take 1 oz Castor Oil in your mouth and mix this there with your saliva for 15 minutes before swallowing the pre-digested Castor Oil without any problems concerning the taste or the viscosity. Repeat this once and you will have swallowed 2 oz Castor Oil totally, the recommended dose for adults. One hour later the bowel movement will begin.

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