Dark circles under your eyes are a common and embarrassing skin condition that can happen to almost everyone. They make you look older and stressed out.

Getting rid of these ugly circles will surely help you look a hundred times better. Castor oil is one of the natural remedies that will help you achieve this goal.

Castor Oil Takes Care of the Skin around Your Eyes

Castor oil is considered very useful in removing dark bags under your eyes. In folk and alternative medicine, the oil which comes from the castor bean serves as a treatment for many ailments. Because of its unique, healing ingredients, castor oil is used to alleviate constipation, induce labor, treat the sciatic nerve, support hair growth, cure the lymph system, and many other medical conditions.

Using castor oil is an easy, inexpensive and effective way to reduce the appearance of dark circles underneath your eyes, which are usually temporary and may be a result of different factors – lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and other similar causes.

Compared to most commercial eye creams that contain harsh chemicals, castor oil is all-organic. It is free from any artificial ingredients or chemicals that may be harmful for your skin. Castor oil is also very practical as it is relatively cheap compared to other eye creams.

How Do You Use Castor Oil Treatment under Your Eyes?

Application of castor oil for under your eyes is easy. Ideally, the procedure goes like this (as detailed by an article on American Chronicle):

  1. Before going to bed, just rub a small amount of castor oil onto the spot surrounding your eyes.
  2. Let the oil set there overnight. Castor oil works its wonders while you sleep.
  3. Just remember to wash out the oil off the next morning when you wake up.
  4. Do this regularly for many days for more effective results.

Upon continuous and consistent use of castor oil every bedtime, you will notice a difference. Dark bags under your eyes will start to diminish and your skin there will look better and younger-looking over time.

Other Natural Cures for Your Eye Bags

Castor oil is only one of the several treatments that take away those under eye circles naturally and efficiently. Other techniques that you might also want to consider are:

  1. Place a cold tea bag under your eyes
  2. Put slices of cucumber directly to your eyes
  3. Use a natural eye cream or gel
  4. Cover your eyes with slices of avocado
  5. Rub a mixture of ground almonds and milk underneath the eye

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6 Responses to “Castor Oil for under Eyes”

  1. Marlene says:

    Can I use 1 drop at night in a Maltese dog for cataracts? Was told it prevents cataracts in humans.

  2. kim says:

    castor oil packs eliminated my need for surgery, by shrinking a uterine fibroid tumor.

  3. Hazell says:

    Is it safe to put 1 drop Castor Oil in my eyes for cataracts removal & to dissolve a pterygium?
    Has anyone tried it & does it work?

  4. Aria says:

    I’ve use castor oil for 2 weeks on my under eye circles, and whole face.my skin looks awesome my skin glows and the circles look 80% better. There is nearly no morning puffiness. I normally use olay products with fair result, but I have never glowed. My husband has been complimenting my skin all week. I wash, exfoliate, and sleep with the oil on. Great stuff!

  5. sithara says:

    Hello friends,

    I used castor oil after listening to my mom’s advise…..it really works……..takes away all stress in ur eyes which is caused by stress due to sitting in front of system,……and gives cooling to your eyes……check it out urself,….

  6. Breeze Harper says:

    Been using Castor Oil. am 13 weeks postpartum and noticed my hair was beginning to fall out. Been using the castor oil and my father commented the other week how unbelievably healthy my hair looked, so I guess it’s doing something. I don’t wash it out, but I also have an afro and naturally drier hair than other folk, so my hair absorbs it really fast and well during these dry winters.

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